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  1. Yajna, (Sanskrit: “sacrifice”)also spelled yajña, in Hinduism, offerings to the gods based on rites prescribed in the earliest scriptures of ancient India, the Vedas, in contrast to puja, a later practice that may include image worship and other devotional practices. yajna Yajna being performed by a Nambudiri Brahman, Kerala, India.
  2. Apr 02,  · Yajna (Sanskrit: यज्ञ, yajña) or Yajneshwara ("Lord of Yajna") is mentioned as an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu in the Bhagavata Purana. As Yajna, Vishnu is the embodiment of the Hindu sacrifice ritual or Yajna. He was also Indra (king of the gods) of the Svayambhuva Manvantara, the era of Svayambhuva Manu.
  3. Yajña is a performance to create a strong link between the individual in physical life and an aspect of the individual in the celestial realm for the purpose of living in greater accord with the Universe.
  4. yajña-arthāt—only for the sake of Yajña, or Viṣṇu Bg yajña-avayavasya—of the Personality of Godhead (of whose body yajña is a part) SB yajña-bhujām—all the demigods eligible to accept yajña offerings SB yajña-bhuk—the Lord, the enjoyer of the sacrifice.
  5. Yajñas are highly scientific and precise multi-dimensional esoteric techniques to invoke and direct the transcendental cosmic energy into concrete, tangible and constructive fruits. In BrahmanConsciousness, one lives in perfect harmony with the Universe.
  6. Jul 17,  · YAJÑA It is impossible to truly translate this Vedic term yajña in any language. It is very technical. Many a time a Vedic term seems to mean an object, but actually, in Veda, it means a certain system or phenomena.
  7. The outer aspect of yajna consists of building an altar, generally with bricks, kindling fire using specific types of grass and wood and then pouring into it oblations such as ghee or clarified butter, food grains, sesame seeds, and water to the accompaniment of chanting of sacred verses from the Vedas.
  8. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishnasays that knowing Him is the purpose of all yajña. Now we have a new term from Sanskrit: yajña, which means "invoking subtle beings through offerings" and this is a process that mirrors the creative process of our Creator, Lord Brahma.

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